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Keep the planet healthy - Kekkilä-BVB's growers talking

January 31, 2024 grower story, sustainability
In this video, our customers share their views on sustainability and explain some of the measures they take to reduce their company's environmental impact.

A special thanks to all growers who contributed to this video: 
  • Rindi Bristol from Whole Leaf 
  • Bjorn van Megen from EuroTree 
  • Jan van Genderen from Royal Berry 
  • Gerard Sikes from Sikes Mushrooms 
  • Dimitri Oosterwijk from Beekenkamp Plants
  • Juan Pablo Bentín from Family Farms
  • Matthijs Woestenburg from Gitzels Young plants
  • Martin Willemsen from Gipmans Young Plants
  • Bart Jansen from CoBaplant